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Signs of a Gambling Problem


How do you know when social gambling has become a problem?

People can have a reasonable and healthy relationship with gambling for many years but when it becomes a problem it is often due to having gambling be the activity that allows them to block out what is bothering them.  That could be anything from mild stress to trauma.

Many people don't understand how gambling can become a problem because it isn't a substance.  But gambling affects the feel-good chemicals in the brain in the same way as a substance does.


Whenever gambling is interfering with your ability to enjoy your time with family and friends and is getting in the way of you performing well at work or school it may be a problem. 

Some common signs are trying to win back money that has been lost, thinking that there is a system that will help people to win, borrowing money, increasing amounts of debt, lying, anxiety and depression, and missing family responsibilities.


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If you feel any of this describes you or someone you care about, it may be time to ask for help.  Please connect with me.  

Call or text 778-773-3936, email below, or use the online form.

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